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Israel’s President proposes a compromise in the dispute over judicial reform

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Yitzhak Herzog
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Herzog said in a speech on Wednesday evening that changes in the distribution of power between the three powers were necessary. However, this requires a broad consensus. Herzog published a plan on the Internet that would simultaneously strengthen parliament and the government and ensure an independent judiciary.

While the opposition signaled a willingness to talk, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the compromise proposal before leaving for Berlin. He only cements the current situation and does not bring any compensation, he said after media reports.

“We are on the edge”

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Netanyahu’s right-wing religious government wants to push through the controversial reform in a fast-track procedure by the end of the month. Core elements were already approved in the first reading in Parliament. The aim of the reform is the targeted weakening of the independent judiciary. Critics see the separation of powers as a pillar of democracy in danger. There have been massive protests against the judicial reform for more than two months. Netanyahu wanted to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Thursday.

Herzog said about the dispute over judicial reform that he had spoken to thousands of people on both sides in the past few weeks. “I’ve heard real hate,” he warned. “Anyone who believes that a real fratricidal war is a limit that we will not reach has no idea. We are on the brink.”

More diversity among judges

The serious crisis is also an opportunity to find a better balance between the powers. Most Israeli citizens wanted a permanent settlement. More diversity is needed in the appointment of judges. The different population groups should be more represented. “The country must not be destroyed,” he warned at the same time, calling for an in-depth debate on his proposal.

However, the chances of success are uncertain. So far, the President has had no success in his mediation efforts. Herzog presented his proposal under the motto “People’s Plan”. Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi from the right-wing conservative governing party Likud wrote before the speech on Twitter: “Mr. President, the people’s plan was determined four months ago” – apparently with a view to his party’s election victory in November. “We’re working on it.”

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