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What does the war plan that OSE analyzes consist of in the event that the rains do not reach

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The situation that causes drought continues to be dramatic and, despite the fact that strong rainy in the coming days in a large part of the national territory, in the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) They are already analyzing the possibility of having to implement a “war plan” in case the rainfall is not enough.

What is OSE’s “war plan” about?

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This was stated by the president of the state company, Raul Monterowho in the last few hours revealed that the board of directors and several engineers are thinking of using a “war plan” that would consist of bottle drinking water and distribute it in the most critical areas.

It’s one of the possibilities”, affirmed Montero in a conversation with Radio Sarandí, where he expressed his concern about the water deficit that plagues the Uruguay. In particular, he pointed out the levels of consumption in the country’s capital.

We’re gonna have to toughen up a little because I think Montevideo’s consumption is escaping us”, acknowledged the head of OSE.

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The board of directors of the public company approved on February 15 a protocol for the control of correct compliance with the prohibition of the non-priority consumption of drinking water that had been ordered weeks ago.

Specifically, Montero referred to a place that is in a critical situation: mines. The city of the department of lavalleja It is fed by the Santa Lucía and San Francisco rivers, strongly affected by the drought.

“Santa Lucía banks 40% of the consumption of Minas”, assured Montero, while the other 60% is sustained “with some perforations and with San Francisco, but this is very limited”. “We want to extend that reservation and We are going to do it by means of tanker trucks from Maldonado”, said the official.

The weather forecast for the next few days in Montevideo, will there be rain?

According to information from the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet), They wait “precipitation and storms” for this one Wednesday in the Metropolitan Area. For tomorrow, Thursday, also.

He Friday Precipitation and storms are expected in the morning and “isolated precipitation” in the afternoon and night.

Instead, the probability of rain begins to decrease towards the Saturday and Sundayuntil medium probability. Meanwhile, for the case of Monday and Tuesday next week, low.

That is why, given the possibility that the rainfall is not enough to reverse the dramatic situation, OSE contemplates this sort of “war plan.”

Source: Ambito

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