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Russia will try to recover the remains of the drone: what does the US think?

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From the Security Council of Moscow they assured that the crash was due to a “sharp maneuver”. I know what the position of the United States is.

Russia Beyond

Russia will try recover the remains of us military drone that fell to Black Seasaid the secretary of the Moscow Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev.

He us army claimed on Tuesday that a russian fighter plane had collided with the propeller of one of his spy drones when he flew over the Black Sea in international airspace, causing its fall into the water. While, Russia denied it, suggesting that it crashed due to a “sharp maneuver”.

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“Unintentional act”: this says USA on the crash

the fall of a US military surveillance drone in it Black Sea after being intercepted by russian planes was probably a unintentional act by Russiaa spokesman for the Department of State, ned price.

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us air force

Moscow warned this Wednesday Washington to stay well away of its airspace following the incident a day earlier, which took place in international airspace near the territory it Russia claims to have annexed Ukraine.

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