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After an accident in the Innviertel: Severed arm sewn on again

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Surgeons from UKH Salzburg performed the operation.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold
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The surgeons managed to sew the hand back on, the ORF reported on Wednesday. The coming days and weeks will show whether the man, who is currently in intensive care, will have his limb intact.

The worker from Germany was busy on Monday cutting metal profiles for the attachment of a photovoltaic system with a circular saw when his left hand got under the saw. As reported, this was completely severed with one cut.

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The rescue team brought the bleeding under control at the scene of the accident and kept the severed forearm “perfect”, said Wolfgang Voeckel, medical director of the UKH Salzburg. The worker was taken there by rescue helicopter after being treated by the emergency doctor.

Source: Nachrichten

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