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9 companies were incorporated into the Metropolitan Transportation System in two years

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It became known when the official STM page was launched, where users can also access information on discounts and benefits.

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He Metropolitan Transport System (STM) presented its website where benefits and discounts can be found. Added to this, they reported that, in accordance with the municipalities, they incorporated nine companies from September 2022, which will generate agility and discounts for the population.

This Wednesday, the coordinator of the area in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP), Joselo Hernandez, reported that when the current administration began, there were only four companies integrated into the STM. However, with the help of the municipalities and transport companies, nine more could be added,

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In this way, there are a total of 13 integrated companies in mid-February in 2022, which means a 70% more compared to the total of integrated companies.

According to Hernandez, the incorporation of these new companies to the STM will generate agility and speed in services, the possibility of not using money, but having the card is enough, as well as the possibility of accessing the same benefits offered by the Metropolitan Transportation System.

On the other hand, the launch of the STM website, through the official MTOP page, which took place last week, where you can easily access information on ticket discounts, benefits, combinations, frequently asked questions and everything related to the use of the STM card for students, retirees and teachers in metropolitan services.

Among the benefits offered are discounts for frequent travelers where a discount of 10% on tickets to all those users who exceed 30 trips with the same card. On the other hand, in the case of combinations, where there are cases of passengers who use an urban or suburban service in Montevideo, they have access to the benefit of a 50% discount on the second service.

Source: Ambito

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