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Avoid chronic back pain

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Almost two million Austrians suffer from back pain.
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Back pain is a widespread disease: almost two million people in Austria are affected. On yesterday’s Back Health Day, experts from MedUni Vienna reported on options for treating and preventing back pain.

The older a person, the more often complaints appear. More than one in three people over the age of 60 is affected, and one in five people under the age of 60 is affected. “With comprehensive, guideline-based diagnosis and therapy, a large part of the healthcare costs could be saved by avoiding chronic pain,” said Richard Crevenna, Head of the Department of Physical Medicine at MedUni Vienna.

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For the most part (80 percent) lower back pain is not considered to be a threat, unless there are organic causes such as a herniated disc, a fracture or osteoporosis. In these cases, experts recommend drug-based pain therapy, movement and training therapy, but also heat applications, which usually lead to success within six weeks. If not, a specialist diagnosis is recommended.

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