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The project that fines those who throw cigarette butts was approved, what would be the sanctions?

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The Senate voted in favor of the National Party project, with some criticism from the Broad Front. The approval in Deputies still remains.

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He Senate unanimously approved the bill that fines those who throw cigarette butts on public roads, and that it was promoted by the brand new president of the Senate Environment Commissionand nationalist senator, John Sartori.

The bench of the broad front understood that the bill, which will now pass to deputiesdid not have the authority to establish the expected economic sanctions, so I do not support the articles referring to fines.

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According to Sartori, the organization No more butts Uruguay exposed before the Senate Environment Commission that it was viable to recycle discarded cigarette butts for manufacturing “from eyeglass frames to electric guitars.” In this sense, the senator of the National Party He expressed at a press conference that “one of the main concerns is all those cigarette butts found on the beaches and streets, visual and real contamination.”

What are the sanctions provided by the bill?

The regulation is intended the prohibition of throwing cigarette butts in public places, in addition to the prohibition of smoking in certain places, weighing those to which children have access. Thus, it determines the possibility of imposing economic sanctions ranging from 1 to 10 Resettable Units (UR) for the peopleand from 10 to 100 UR for covered establishments that do not place cigarette butt holders.

the buttocks They will be placed in specific areas to later be able to recycle them for social purposes. The sanctions will be in charge of the Ministry of Environment and the proceeds will go to National Waste Management Fund (phonagres).

In turn, the project expands the non-smoking space, and contemplates the possibility that public or private institutions interested in the environmental management of cigarette butts, can make agreements with establishments that have butt holders for recycling the same.

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