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“Out of high spirits and carelessness”: Two 15-year-olds fled from the police on a moped

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While the patrol was chasing the moped, the 15-year-old passenger covered the vehicle’s license plate number. With his driving style, the driver endangered several uninvolved road users massively. Only after several intersections and public roads did the 15-year-old collide with a parked car on Franz-Schuhmeier-Strasse. The moped fell and the moped handlebar came to rest. The passenger tried to escape through the playground there. A police officer took up the pursuit on foot and caught up with the fugitive after only a few meters. The second police officer meanwhile provided first aid to the moped driver. The officers set the rescue chain in motion.

The moped driver is in possession of a valid driving license and his vehicle did not have any obvious, illegal tuning conversions. An alcohol mat test for the 15-year-old was also negative, and the officials could not find any other criminal offenses. The two boys stated that they had disregarded the many attempts made by the officers out of “arrogance and carelessness”.

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The two young people from Garsten were taken to the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen Clinic in Steyr. Because of several administrative violations – the driver did not obey the law and ignored several red traffic lights, the passenger covered the license plate – the two must also expect ads.

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