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The MGAP extended the financial aid for producers hit by the drought

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The portfolio decided to extend the support measures due to the drought in the framework of the last Plenary Session of the Congress of Mayors.


He Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) decided to extend the expiration date of the package of measures that provides funds to help the small agricultural producers They are being affected by the drought. These agreements, which total about 50 million pesosare basically intended for cleaning cutwaters and the purchase of bales, seeds and rations.

The measures are aimed at both family producers and those who exploit up to 500 hectares with Coneat 100. The owner of the MGAP himself, fernando mattoswas in charge of signing the renewal together with the departmental hierarchs.

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In turn, management and follow-up committees were formed that will be made up of an official from Rural development of the MGAP, the departmental director of the portfolio and an official designated by each municipality. These committees will execute the support based on the demands received and the amounts available.

The amount allocated to each producer will have a ceiling of 20,000 pesosof which the latter must return the 25% within a period not exceeding 6 months. Applicants can apply through this form.

“We will not leave any producer behind”, they affirmed from the MGAP

The director of rural development of the MGAP, Carlos Rydstromassured that the portfolio will not leave “to no producer behind” and that “reissuing these available amounts” is “one of the signs of support that we want to give” so that small producers can continue “pulling the country as agriculture has always done.”

In turn, Rydström maintained that the national government is “confirming” that “this problem is not now”, but that, in the future, the same “It will lead to much deeper damage than what is being recorded this summer or spring”.

Likewise, Mattos affirmed that he is certain that the agricultural sector will recover and stand up “to continue moving the country’s economy as it has done historically.”


Photo: Congress of Mayors

Photo: Congress of Mayors

Source: Ambito

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