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Monday, March 27, 2023

The livestock market is reactivated with the rains

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The precipitations that for 48 hours have fallen in different regions of Uruguay had an immediate effect on the mood of the cattle marketalthough they are insufficient to reverse the effects of the historical drought that plagues the country.

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Wednesday the fat man’s market Demand remained strong for all categories, with prices for steers at the floor of US$4.10 and US$4.25 as a “reasonable” average, reported Blasinas y Asociados. There were even deals of up to US$4.40 for the best trained cattle.

It does not rain grass, but it rains encouragement and business values ​​are a matter of expectations”, considered Juan Pablo Gutiérrez, from the Indarte & Cía.

The rains could change the supply ratio and even out the gap between cows and steers. For the former, which had increased less than the steers with a significant supply in recent weeks, the values ​​were yesterday between 3.80 and 3.90 dollars.

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While, Uruguay Screen He carried out his day under rainfall, an element that affected the offer expectations: the cattle that remained unsold were the result of the fact that “there are people who are going to wait for the cattle to rebound and the same for the prices,” said Alejandro Dutra, director of Dutra Desk. In the auction on Wednesday, 86.5% of the offer was sold.

There was a rebound in the averages of the heavy steers and the wintering cows, which corrected 2.2% and 2.1% upwards with respect to the floor of the February auction. Steers over 3 years old averaged US$1.87 and wintering cows US$1.46, three cents more than in the previous auction.

Alejandro Ilundain, director of Ilundain Rural Businesshad anticipated that the auction with 13,000 cattle in the catalog offered “good business for people who are locking up cattle” and considered that “there will be a very significant shortage of fat cattle in the next 4 or 5 months.”

Source: Ambito

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