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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Sunshine and up to 21 degrees at the weekend

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The weekend will bring lots of sun and spring-like temperatures.
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According to the forecast by Geosphere Austria (formerly ZAMG), high pressure weather with sunshine will prevail until the weekend. From Sunday afternoon to Monday it will be slightly unstable, but temperatures will remain mild. The Austria forecast in detail:

At the Friday high air pressure determines the weather at home. After the last patches of fog have cleared, sunny and dry phases will prevail. The impression could be clouded by extensive high cloud fields that move across the sky. On the eastern edge of the Alps, in the eastern lowlands and in foehn valleys on the north side of the Alps, there are sometimes brisk southerly winds. In the Danube region, the wind tends to blow from the east. The early temperatures amount to minus five to plus three degrees. During the day the thermometer climbs to nine to 21 degrees. It gets warmest in the west with a foehn.

West as a heat pole

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The weekend starts on Saturday with mostly sunny weather across most of the country. According to Geosphere, thin, high clouds are of little consequence. Only in Tyrol and Vorarlberg do denser clouds gradually become noticeable towards the evening. In addition, there is still a weak to moderate wind blowing from easterly and southerly directions on the northern edge of the Alps and in the lowlands of the east. According to the forecast, it will be minus three to plus six degrees in the morning. The maximum daily temperatures are predicted to be between ten and 21 degrees. Again it is warmest in the west.

At the Sunday the friendly weather character predominates with partly longer sunny phases. However, as the day progresses, more and more clouds appear. In the northern Alps in particular, the chance of showers will increase somewhat from the afternoon. The wind usually only blows weakly in the lowlands. The morning temperatures are between minus two and plus eight degrees, the maximum daily temperatures between ten and eighteen degrees.

Unstable start to the week

The new week starts with variable clouds and is slightly unstable. In some areas, on Monday passing rain showers. According to the forecast, the sunny proportions of the weather patterns are likely to increase again in the course of the afternoon. In the Danube region, moderately refreshing westerly winds make themselves felt for a few hours, otherwise the wind is often only weak. The early temperatures usually remain frost-free at two to ten degrees. During the day it can reach between ten and 18 degrees.

At the Tuesday there is a transition to sunny weather, especially in the western half of Austria. According to Geosphere Austria, there should still be extensive cloud fields in the east. But it shouldn’t rain. The wind is generally weak. In the morning minus one to plus eight degrees are expected. Depending on the length of sunshine, the daily maximum temperatures reach around twelve to 19 degrees.

  • A detailed prognosis for your region is available nachrichten.at/wetter.

Source: Nachrichten

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