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The FA promises to repeal articles of the social security reform if it returns to power

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The president of the FA responded to Lacalle Pou who said that the approval of the reform is convenient for the opposition so as not to deal with the political weight.

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He Broad Front (FA) He said that, if he wins the next elections, he would repeal articles of the social security reform that they consider negative, as a response to the statements of the president Luis Lacalle Pou where he assured that it is convenient for the opposition that it be approved in this government because it does not have to deal with the political cost that this entails.

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, responded to the president’s statements by saying that they live in different countries and that he will be in charge of carrying out a national dialogue where the focus “cannot be only on retirees.” And he added that, being in power, “everything we consider negative would be repealed, although he said that the Frente Amplio legislators will vote on articles with which they are satisfied.”

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The front player maintained that Lacalle Pou slipped “A political comment that I should not have made”because “he cannot be in the campaign”, and he referred to the project saying that “the more workers know that they are going to work five more years”. Along these lines, he assured that “two thirds of them are going to lose between a 12% and 30%” of retirement and that “they get against the reform”. On the other hand, he did not hesitate to remember that Cabildo Abierto is being tougher in his criticisms of the reform that his own space.

Lacalle Pou’s speech

This week, Lacalle Pou participated in the inauguration of the 2023 cycle of events of the Association of Marketing Managers of Uruguay (ADM) and, among different topics that he touched on during his dissertation, he defended the social security reform and ensured that from Broad Front (FA) They “are looking forward to” the law being passed during their tenure in Uruguay.

In this sense, Lacalle Pou pointed out the importance of the social security reform in the fiscal context of the country. “I don’t even ask Ferdinand (Pereirapresident of the Broad Front) or Yamandu (Orsi, mayor of Cannelloni) nor to anyone who answers, but I am sure (of) that they are hoping that we approve the social security reform”, he pointed out, at the time of his speech, realizing how difficult it is to promote the project, but also how their need for the public monies of the State.

“Because all those who aspire to be the government, the coalition and the Broad Front, they will be relieved and the candidates are going to be relieved if this reform is approved”, he assured, along the same lines.

If the elections were held today, the winner would be the Broad Front

Last week, the latest survey by the consulting firm Cifra was published, which established that four out of five voters have already decided their vote if the elections were now.

The FA has a voting intention of 43%, while the National Party has a voting intention of 30%. These are followed by Cabildo Abierto with 2% and the Partido Independiente with 1%. The other 1% say they would vote for the coalition, although they do not specify which one, and the other 1% mention other parties. He 19% what remains says that I would vote blank You don’t know who to vote for or you would choose to cancel your vote.

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