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The hearing between Fossati and Leal was suspended

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The purpose of the meeting was for the prosecutor to detail the facts for which the leader of the Broad Front went from being a witness to being investigated.

The hearing where the prosecutor was suspended Gabriela Fossati would meet Gustavo Loyaldue to a request from the lawyer of the Frente Amplio leader, Diego Camanoto which the judge in the case, Gonzalo Arsuaga, agreed.

The meeting that was scheduled for this Thursday had the objective of having the prosecutor Fossati inform Gustavo Leal of the reasons why he passed from the character of witness to questioned. The prosecutor’s office had already reported that the reasons why Leal was being investigated was for cover-up.

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However, the hearing, which was requested by Leal’s own lawyer, was to specifically detail which apparently criminal acts to which the prosecution refers. At first, the meeting was with the prosecutor who was subrogating Fossati, Fernando Romano – due to a medical license requested by the prosecutor – who requested an extension for this Thursday so that Fossati can give explanations.

This Monday Fossati returned early from his license and Leal’s lawyer filed an administrative complaint with the Court prosecutor, Juan Gómez, which is why he asked to suspend the hearing, which Arsuaga agreed to this Wednesday.

Denounce Fossati

The lawyer advanced the prosecutor of the Court, Juan Gomez, who will present a formal complaint in the event that Fossati – who resumed his position this week after a week of medical leave – does not rule on the details of what appears to be a criminal act that Leal would have committed, and for which he became a condition of investigated in the investigation. The reason, according to the lawyer, is that the prosecutor did not give him the basic guarantees.

According to the defense, in the investigation folder —which would have only 15 pages and 20 audios— the arguments behind the inquirywhile Fossati stated that he was investigating the crime of concealment, in the framework of the case of forged passports. However, Camaño’s team insists that Leal’s only link with Astesiano was the visit to his parents, a meeting in which there was no financial offer either.

Source: Ambito

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