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Lowering the water pressure in Montevideo, the alternative that OSE is analyzing to reduce consumption

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The president of the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE), Raul Monteroaffirmed this Thursday at a press conference that “they are studying” lower the pressure of the service of drinking water in Montevideo to reduce consumption in the midst of the water deficit caused by the drought.

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Water scarcity affects the entire national territory, with particularly alarming situations in the department of Lavalleja, but also in the country’s capital and Canelones.

In the mountain city of minesIn fact, the determination has already been made. On March 9, the board of directors of the public company opted to reduce the supply pressure “to the minimum possible”. Until the rains this Wednesday, said city had water reserves only for this month.

When asked if the same decision could be made in Montevideo, Montero replied: “In Montevideo they are studying it. It is a more difficult network to manage. In small places, in many small places it is already being done.”

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In a few hours the impact of the last rainy that arrived in the area and, based on this, the situation will be analyzed to define whether to implement pressure reduction or not.

Measure “makes people spend less”, explained the head of OSE, who assured that the company must “ensure that everyone has water”.

Precisely, in the country’s capital, the ban on non-priority use of drinking water, with sanctions included in case of non-compliance. Regarding this, Montero ratified: “Everything that was implemented is maintained. We have not solved the issue. We have to see how it evolves, how it continues“.

The measure of lowering the water pressure is also being studied for the department of Saint Joseph, where the official assured that they are “trying to learn how to do it, because it is a very new system.” “I think we’re going to start doing it, to work with lower pressures. They are already implementing it, ”she advanced.

Source: Ambito

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