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Without congressional approval, Macron decreed the pension reform in France

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The French president, Emmanuel Macron, imposed the modification in the pension system without the vote of the deputies.

Photo: Reuters

The protests in France began in January: thousands of protesters in Parisbut also in provinces throughout the country, were opposed to the reform of the pension system. After obtaining the approval of the Senate, the French government sought support among the deputies. It was unsuccessful and the project was rejected. then the president Emmanuel Macron played the last card: it imposed the modification of the pension scheme through a decree.

From Macron’s decision, the age required to retire will go up from 62 to 64 years in 2030. In addition, it will advance to 2027 the contribution requirement 43 years (and not 42 as up to now) to collect a full board. This was possible through the use of the article 49.3 of the French Constitution, which allows Congress to be bypassed on certain occasions.

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“We cannot place bets on the future of our pensions,” considered the french prime minister, Elisabeth Borneto defend the decision. The reform would seek to alleviate a possible deficit in the pension fund from France. It also transpired that Macron promoted the decree given that “the financial and economic risks were too great” to lose the vote in Deputies.

After months of protest, the imposition of the reform intensified the demonstrations against the government measure, with epicenter in the Place de la Concorde, meters from the Assembly. French unions weigh relaunching strikes in sectors where forceful measures have already taken place, such as energy and transport. According to official polls, two out of three French people reject the modification of the pension system.

Mobilization France.jpg

Mobilization in France against the pension reform.

Mobilization in France against the pension reform.


The opposition deputies have a tool to prevent the application of the reform: the approval of a motion of censure against the government. The party led by Marine LePen, Macron’s main rival in the 2022 elections, has already announced that it would rely on this instrument. Although the independent deputies of LIOT would accompany the motion of censure, other spaces that did not vote in favor of the measure -such as the group The Republicans– are reluctant to this alternative.

It is still uncertain whether lawmakers from the opposition parties would achieve the necessary number to prevent the reform of the pension system. Deputies referenced with the left prepare a legal appeal before the Constitutional Council to delay the enactment; while they do not rule out the claim of a referendum to define the measure.

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