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Transactions at Bevsa fell 11.2% per month in February

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The setback was mainly driven by a 31.8% drop in operations completed in the Exchange Market.

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During the month of February, 5,640.5 million dollars in the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (Bevsa), implying a drop of 11.2% with respect to the 6,348.7 million dollars transacted in January. Despite this monthly drop, in the interannual comparison there was a growth of 40.8% with respect to the 4,004.8 million dollars operated in February 2022.

In the breakdown by markets, the Stock market the volume was located in the 3,226.8 million dollars, registering a drop of 15.2%; he Exchange Market operated 489.6 million dollars, which meant a strong month-on-month decline of 31.8%; While in the Money market 1,924.1 million dollars were transacted with an increase of 5.4%.

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The average daily operating last month he was in the 113 transactions, 9 operations less compared to January. In the Exchange Market, 50 transactions were made per day on average (16 less than in January), while in the Stock Market they went from 39 to 43, and in the Money Market from 16 to 20.

The average daily amount traded amounted to 313.4 million dollars last month, about 11.1 million dollars more than the 302.3 million registered in January. The average volume in the Stock Market was 179.3 million dollars; in the Exchange Market it was 27.2 million dollars; and in the growing Money Market, in $106.9 millionsome 20 million more compared to the first month of the year.

Operations in the Stock Market

In it Primary Market of the Stock Market, the 74% of the volume operated after totaling 2,386.8 million dollars and falling 14.7% compared to January. He CD in National Currency collected 75.5%, while the CD in Dollar the remaining 24.5%.

In turn, the Secondary market contributed the other 26% of the total, after posting a traded volume of 840 million dollars, despite having decreased 16.7% month-on-month. Here, the operation of Letters of Monetary Regulation it attracted 91.8% of the total, with 771.6 million dollars.

Source: Ambito

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