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Monday, March 27, 2023

Fossati could be transferred from the Prosecutor’s Office, according to the prosecutor of the Court Juan Gómez

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The prosecutor of the Court, Juan Gomez, confirmed that there is a “real possibility” that the prosecutor Gabriela Fossatiin charge of the Astesiano case, be transferred from prosecution since the main investigation into the case involving the former presidential custodian has already ended.

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Gómez referred to Fossati’s current situation in television statements, but clarified that he never had “an express request” from the prosecutor to withdraw from the investigation, although she had questioned his suitability for the case in front of the press. Likewise, the magistrate considered that “there have been a series of situations that, as director of the service, I have to take into account when adopting resolutions”, and advanced: “Have no doubt that I am going to adopt them”.

In addition, and although he described the abbreviated trial reached with the former head of the president’s security as a “good agreement” Luis Lacalle Pou, Alexander Astesianobased on the crimes charged against him, pointed out as negative the fact that it was said “lightly” that resources were not made available for research.

Another topic that Gómez referred to, among the many twists and turns that different legal actors have had around Fossati, was the administrative investigation for gender violence that the prosecutor opened against her colleague Ferdinand Roman after the incident generated by taking Astesiano’s statement while she was being surrogate. In this sense, she assured that the results will be “no later than Monday”.

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For his part, Romano decided not to advance in the investigation he was in charge of alleged crimes of defamation and insults against Fossati, whose defendants were the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, Director of faces and Masks, Alberto Grille, and three users of social networks.

Less talk and more progress

While Fossati called to testify to different actors related to the alleged espionage of the Frente Amplio senators Mario Bergara and Charles Carrera, The latter referred to the pace of the investigation and asked to speed up the times to achieve concrete progress.

“Here there was a criminal association on the 4th floor of the executive tower; there are tenders, a million-dollar tender for joint venture that was in the execution phase, there is the cause of the passports that must also be further investigated […] Mario Bergara and I are victims of an espionage cause, there are the purchases of Vertical Skies, there is a persecution of adolescents in high school 41, the espionage of the president of the PIT-CNTall those bribes that existed from orders to businessmen who paid bribes, that is a crime called bribery, that must be investigated, ”said the legislator at a press conference.

In addition, Carrera said that “it does not do the justice system good that 30 days ago there is a discussion about the prosecutor and the cause is not being discussed”, which he described as “the biggest corruption case of the last 30 years”, and regretted the situation in which the Prosecutor’s Office finds itself: “We want there to be institutional responsibility”.

The senator also added that Fossati’s performance “does not do good” to the Prosecutor’s Office “With all this that she is certified, that she returns, that she makes complaints to the president of the political force, that she makes complaints to other journalists, that those audios appear that say what she said, that she makes a complaint to a colleague of hers.” But he pointed out that the court prosecutor Juan Gómez “is on top of the situation.”

Source: Ambito

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