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Brutal attack after LASK game: father seriously injured

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There was a brutal attack in front of the Raiffeisen Arena.
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LASK lost 0: 2 last Sunday against the leaders from Salzburg. A result that neither came as a surprise nor caused anger or sadness for the Linz supporters. Nevertheless, after the encounter on the forecourt of the stadium, there was an argument.

A 42-year-old family man from the Urfahr area watched the game with his 19-year-old son and his wife in the LASK fan section. When the big break began after the defeat, the 42-year-old was still waiting in the Raiffeisen Arena to escape the hustle and bustle when leaving the stadium.
Around 8:30 p.m., the family met a group of LASK supporters in the Roseggerstrasse area. The common black and white denominator apparently did not matter. First there was a verbal argument, then a physical one. The group, which consisted of four to six men, attacked the 19-year-old.

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His father and another witness wanted to help the young man and were themselves victims of a brutal attack. While the witness was unharmed, the 42-year-old suffered a broken nose, bruised ribs and a concussion. The ambulance took him to a hospital in Linz.

His son was also treated by paramedics for chest and back pain – he may have suffered a bruised rib.
The group of perpetrators fled in the direction of Ziegeleistraße, at least two of them are likely to have gotten into a taxi there.
The police say that everyone involved in the argument can be assigned to the LASK fan group, and investigations into the incident have been started.

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