Jeweler robbery with glitches

Jeweler robbery with glitches
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Image: Volker Weihbold

According to police spokesman Philipp Haßlinger, he came into the restaurant on Mariahilfer Strasse with a hammer and hit showcases. But that’s where the similarities with the notorious “Pink Panther” gang of robbers ended, who carried out numerous raids on luxury jewelers in the mid-2010s.

Because shortly before 6.30 p.m. the perpetrator could not do anything with his hammer in the showcases – unlike the “Pink Panthers”, who were almost always successful when they came to the jewelers with a hammer. The robber on Friday asked an employee to open the showcases with the words “Gold, gold”. He grabbed jewelry from three of the showcases and fled. A witness saw the robbery and ran after the robber. His series of breakdowns continued: he stumbled over a staircase and lost part of the booty. These pieces were secured. With the rest, however, he escaped undetected.

An immediate search was unsuccessful. The investigations were carried out by the Vienna State Criminal Police Office, investigation area robbery. Nobody was injured in the raid.

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