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North Korea claims 800,000 people joined the army in one day

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North Korea reported on Saturday that more than 800,000 people applied to enlist in the army in just one day to fight the “American enemy” and counter the “provocation of nuclear war by the imperialists.”

“The hot-blooded young vanguards (…), with the indomitable will of our party against the enemy and the anti-American settlement, immediately rose up to defend the country and destroy the enemy,” the North Korean authorities said, quoted in a statement reproduced by the official news agency KCNA.

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According to data from North Korea, just yesterday, more than 800,000 officials from the Socialist Patriotic Youth League, the school for political cadres of the Labor Party of Korea, and students from across the country applied to enlist and perform military service in the North Korean People’s Army.

This massive enlistment would respond to the “provocation” of “the US imperialists” to start a nuclear war, as well as the “violations” of North Korea’s sovereignty and security interests, which are reaching a limit “that it can no longer be tolerated,” according to the Europa Press news agency.

“Our party is determined to exercise the practical will to strictly rule with powerful physical force enemies who cling to reckless military threats and escalate tension and confrontation on the Korean peninsula,” a North Korean spokesman was quoted as saying by KCNA.

The announcement comes after a week in which Pyongyang conducted four long-range ballistic missile tests in response to military exercises by South Korea and the United States.

The missiles, which are capable of reaching the United States, were launched upwards to prevent them from flying over the airspace of their neighboring countries, according to reports from Japan.

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