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Maldonado radars applied more than 4,000 fines in March

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The 55 radars in Punta del Este began to work on March 1. Of the total number of violations, 78% were against vehicles with Uruguayan registration.

Courtesy: Maldonado.gob.uy

Barely half a month after they began to operate actively, the 55 radars installed by the Municipality of Maldonado (IDM) in east point 4,658 fines were applied, of which 78% were for residents of Uruguay.

On March 1, the radars began to apply fines in the most important spa in Maldonado. They had already been operating for the previous two months (January and February) on a trial basis, but without sanctioning drivers and with a purely dissuasive purpose.

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During the 17 days that they already inspected, 4,658 vehicles committed violations that were detected by the devices, to which the corresponding fines were applied. Of the total, 78% were vehicles with national registration and the rest, foreigners. Likewise, of that 78%, 23% were motorcycles.

The offenses were Rambla Enrique Tarigo and Francisco Aiméin artigas boulevard and Cannelloni, and in Luis Alberto de Herrera at the crossroads with Path to the Pantanal.

Regarding motorcycles, 84.9% were fined for speeding, 4.9% for crossing red lights and 0.5% for riding without a helmet.

In total, the Maldonado Municipality installed 55 radars and applied a trial period that ended on March 1. The objective is to dissuade drivers and avoid traffic accidents, they said from the agency.

550 fines the first day

On the first day of application, the results of the measure promoted by the IDM had already been observed: 550 pre-validated infractions and a total of 470 confirmed ones. 90% of the vehicles exceeded the intermediate speed, 7% the maximum speed and 3% did not respect the red light, he explained.

Already then, 78% corresponded to vehicles with Uruguayan registration, and 20% to Argentine vehicles. The other 2% belonged to other nationalities.

Source: Ambito

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