What will the sanctions be like for those who inaccurately declare their imports as of this Monday?

What will the sanctions be like for those who inaccurately declare their imports as of this Monday?

Half of the proceeds will go to the Fund for the best performance of the DNA and the other half will go to General Revenue.


The General Directorate of Customs (DNA) established the new procedure for the imposition of sanctions to those imports where the exact value of the merchandise that exceeds 200 dollars.

The decision will enter into force this monday march 20 and, although the fines already existed in the law, the procedure by which they will be applied will now be clarified, through the DNA.

In addition, the decision means a real before and after for express mail companies, such as those of online shopping. In these cases, those responsible for these acquisitions via the Internet will be the same companies, so it is likely that, to avoid fines, they will begin to exercise greater control over the declarations of their merchandise.

The fines will be for double the taxes evaded

As of this Monday, compliance will be ratified that all those who make cross-border purchases and do not declare the real value of the merchandise must pay double the amount of tax they should have paid if entered correctly.

If in the 12 months following the infraction, the person or company reiterates its non-compliance, the DNA will sanction it with the prohibition to operate in the regime of international postal shipments for one year. It is also established that this could lead to administrative, tax, customs and/or criminal infractions.

Besides, the commodity for which the offense was committed will be retained and It will not be released until the regulations are complied with. Thus, the sanctions will be concluded with the act of acknowledgment of non-compliance and the payment of the fine.

In accordance with the provisions of Customs, the fifty% of the proceeds from these fines will go to the DNA Best Performance Fund and the other fifty% will go to General Income.

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