Massive support for López Obrador in Mexico to counter opposition march

Massive support for López Obrador in Mexico to counter opposition march

Thousands of protesters traveled from all parts of Mexico to reach the country’s capital and support the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

Driven by the geopolitical importance of Mexicoand for a charisma that led him to link leaders from all over Latin America in a possible anti-inflation agreement, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador seeks to consolidate itself as a regional benchmark of progressivism. A massive act on Saturday ratified those intentions.

It is estimated that 280,000 people -many coming from caravans from the interior of the country- arrived at the Mexico City to congregate in the Plinth, the main square of the Mexican capital. That was the framework of López Obrador’s act, which linked his rhetoric with the commemoration of the anniversary of the Petroleum Expropriation in the country, carried out in 1938 under the presidency of Lazaro Cardenas.

“We have concentrated resources and efforts to achieve the food and energy sufficiency“, assured, in this sense, the Mexican president and added that” the oil sovereignty” of his country, which from 2024 will “process all our raw materials” to replace imports.

As a nod to his followers, he asked to continue militating “united and from below” to achieve “the revolution of consciousness and continue advancing in the change of mentality to continue politicizing our people.” “Mexico It is one of the countries with the least political illiteracy in the world,” he said.

In addition, he remarked that “with this collective awareness we are going to continue fighting the dirty campaigns and attempts to slander” and pointed against the opposition: “whatever they do oligarchs will not come to power. It will continue to prevail in our beloved Mexico an authentic and true democracy”.

The massiveness of the act also functioned as a response to a massive opposition march held on February 26, which protested against the reform of the National Electoral Institute (INE) promoted by the president. Opposition officials criticized the mobilization this Saturday, pointing out that there was a “mass hauling” of militants who would have participated in the ceremony financed by the government of López Obrador.

The declarations of the own leaders deepened the crossings. “Today is the party of the statists in the Zócalo: those of the obese and inefficient government. It is the party of those who expropriate to serve themselves with the big spoon of the corruption. The Pemex splurge party. That is what our fight is about: Statists vs. Modernizers”, wrote the senator lilly tellez (of the National Action Party) on his Twitter account. “Let’s stop with stories and nationalist fables. Let’s build a real and solid future,” said the former president, vincent foxand added: “We should be celebrating the brilliant and global neoliberal policy that was approved in Congress and resolved all the fantasy of an expropriation that only brought debts of Pemex to our country and to the poorest Mexicans”.

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