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The rains gave 15 days of relief to Minas

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The president of OSE recalled that the capital of Lavalleja supplies 60% of the San Francisco reservoir.

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The capital of the department of lavallejathe city most affected by the drought due to the lack of drinking water, was relieved due to the rise in the san francisco reservoir that would last, at least, 15 days.

The president of State Sanitary Works (OSE), Raúl Montero, conveyed relief, for at least two weeks, to the city of Minas due to the recent rains. “It really is a relief. In addition, it makes that critical moment that we were seeing very close, which was that we ran out of water there, runs for at least 15 days, ”said the president of OSE on Monte Carlo radio.

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The water reserve that had a rise was the San Francisco reservoir. “mines It is the most complicated place we have, and there have been rains these days that caused a level rise in the reservoir in the San Francisco stream,” Montero remarked.

The president of the state agency explained that Minas is supplied by 40% of the Santa Lucia river, while 60% is supplied by the stream San Francisco and other recent drilling. “There is a certain unknown, because the water that comes down from the upper basin is being expected and it is difficult to assess that. It is a very steep basin, which has many mountains, therefore, this descent will be rapid. And we believe that, in proportion, quite high compared to what it rained”, explained Montero.

In the same sense, the mayor of Lavalleja, Mario García Gonzalez, confirmed the progress in the reservoir through his Twitter account. “The outlook has changed. Fortunately, the latest rains have improved the situation of the dam’s reservoir. We will still have to continue acting responsibly in the care of the resource until the situation returns to normal,” he tweeted.


This week, the regional manager of OSE in Lavalleja, Eduardo Liard, also brought peace of mind by explaining that the reservoir of the Maggiolo dam, which belongs to the San Francisco basin, one of the two water sources of the city along with the Santa River Lucia, grew 26 centimeters. “The dam covers 50 hectares, with a volume that exceeds 800,000 cubic meterss and at this moment we are at less than 10% of its capacity,” said the regional manager, stressing that the situation continues to be complex in the city, beyond the rains.

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