Montevideo failed to cover Lali’s contract with ticket revenue

Montevideo failed to cover Lali’s contract with ticket revenue

More than 25,000 tickets sold and at the price of 400 pesos each one, the numbers would not seem to close for quartermaster of Montevideo (IM) regarding the financing of contracts Lali Esposito and Daniela Mercury for the “Here We Are” festival, which together cost nearly $319,000.

Last week, the IM reported the payment received by the artists for the performances where the Argentine singer’s show Lali Esposito payment $256,478, while that of the Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury, $62,387. The expenses in the festival generated criticism from the opposition who classified it as “bread and circuses”.

However, from the IM they defended their position, remarking that they found the expression used by the opposition “sad” and that “a city that generates events and culture, that is open to different cultural expressions, is not bread and circuses.” Caroline Cosse He also responded to the criticism and stated that he did not know the final cost of the event but that “the investment we make in culture is returned to us multiplied by the population”.

For its part, the main competitor for the candidacy of Carolina Cosse, Yamandu Orsi, he also championed the event. “It’s true, we have to be prudent, but citizens deserve not only that we fix the streets and that we resolve the garbage issue, but also access to culture and those shows,” she exclaimed.

Once the event was over, the number of tickets sold, which were more than 25,000, was announced. However, the festival was attended by more than 50,000 people. youBearing in mind that the value of the ticket was $400, this amount is not even enough to cover the cost of the Argentine Lali Esposito show.

“You have to be obedient to say that the circus that Cosse set up was paid for only with the tickets. Were 50 thousand people, they sold 20 thousand, the rest was courtesy and the costs far exceed what was collected. Demagogy and pharaonic whim of an aimless IM. Bread and circus”, the nationalist mayor Diego Rodríguez tweeted about the event.

However, it must be taken into account that the interim mayor and director of Municipal Development and Participation of the IM, Federico Grana He assured that he was going to see a recovery of the money not only through the tickets but also from various sponsors.

Source: Ambito

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