A hundred in a double pack

A hundred in a double pack
Deputy Mayor Karin Hörzing congratulated the twin brothers Herbert and Walter Zeman on their 100th birthday.
Image: City of Linz

It is a very special birthday that Herbert and Walter Zeman celebrated last Sunday: the two of them turned 200 years old. The brothers were and are closely connected throughout their lives, they ran a dental practice together for over 30 years.

Social officer Deputy Mayor Karin Hörzing (SP) congratulated the two in the old people’s and nursing home in Rudigierstrasse. Herbert Zeman is spending the rest of his life there, while Walter Zeman still lives at home.

“A celebration like this is always a very special event for me, too. It always gives me great pleasure to find out more from the seniors about their experiences and life stories,” says Hörzing. She is impressed that “the two jubilees have kept their sense of humor into old age.” The two would have said that they hold a class reunion every week – the only participants are now just themselves.

65 over 100-year-olds in Linz

The Zeman twins are among the 65 people in the state capital who are more than 100 years old. Ten years ago it was “only” around 30. Among the over 100 year olds there are 56 women and nine men.

“The fact that more and more Linzers are reaching a very old age also speaks for the quality of life in the state capital and the well-functioning social network in our city,” says Hörzing, who also refers to the many mobile help and care offers in the city.

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