Agricultural producers will be exempt from Wealth Tax and IRAE

Agricultural producers will be exempt from Wealth Tax and IRAE

The project was presented by legislators of the government coalition, it was approved unanimously in the Senate.

Photo: Municipality of Canelones

The project carried out by the Executive power which seeks to exempt from the advances of the Wealth tax and its surcharge and Income Tax from Economic Activities (IRAE) from January to June of this year, the project was defended by leaders of the Colorado Party, Cabildo Abierto and the National Party.

With the aim of continuing to reduce the impact of the drought on producers, senators Guido Manini Rios (Open Town Hall) and Guillermo Domenech (Town meeting), Carlos Maria Uriarte (Colorado Party) and Sebastian da Silva (National Party) defended the project. After expressing their individual interest, as specified by the regulations of the chamber where authorization is required to intervene.

“The postponement of the IRAE advance and the excess rate of wealth tax for producers were voted. This drought will expose the ideological shortsightedness of blindly taxing production, and the government coalition a still unfulfilled promise,” Da Silva tweeted along with a video of his speech in the Senate.

According to the white senator, we must “put on the table the injustice of the surcharge of the Wealth Tax on rural real estate” which, according to Da Silva, corresponds to ideologies. “Many people who are going to have to pay 60, 70 or 80,000 dollars, who are Uruguayan producers living in the interior, may be tempted to sell the field. And you know who is going to buy it? Some foreigner, because a Uruguayan who has the capacity to buy a field in these circumstances, there are none left, ”he added.

In this same sense, the broad front He also agreed with the government’s measure, highlighting that the smallest producers are the ones who will suffer the most and that it is necessary to support them.

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