The Pit-Cnt will mobilize tomorrow against the social security reform

The Pit-Cnt will mobilize tomorrow against the social security reform

The trade union central had announced a general strike for this Thursday arguing that the plans that the government has are “regressive”.

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He Pit-Cnt announced that it will move tomorrow Thursday March 23 in general strike from the esplanade of the University of the Republic (Faculty of Law) towards the surroundings of the legislative Palacewhere they will raise tents, as a protest against a social security reform that they have described as “regressive”, where the government “aims to increase inequality gaps”.

The trade union center maintained this Wednesday from its Twitter account that the reform “limits” the rights of workers, and that “it’s not what we need”, since it must be comprehensive and not only of a retirement nature. The workers’ organization affirmed that “another reform is possible” and called for a march tomorrow under the slogan “for my future and for yours.”

Alejandro Acostafrom the Pit-Cnt, told the press that “after it is approved, all workers, whatever they earn, will be obliged to contribute to the AFAP (Administrator of Pension Savings Funds)”, where “a 10% go to Social Welfare Bank (BPS), and a 5% to the AFAPs”, something that “will increase the volume of business of private insurers”.


They will work “5 more years” to “have lower retirements”, says the Pit-Cnt

From the Pit-Cnt, they expressed in recent days through social networks that the workers must “work 5 more years” for “have lower pensions“, while “exemptions for large capital are maintained”. In turn, they warned that the reform “reduces the amounts of pensions due to disability”, and “makes entry into the AFAP regime mandatorysaving a private business at the expense of the workers.”

For the union organization, the social security reform must be “comprehensive” and “not just retirement”, since “structural changes are needed to guarantee financial sustainability, but also social sustainability”, something for which “it is necessary social dialogue”. They also warned that “widowhood pensions will be reduced”, while “the terms to collect them will be shortened.”


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