Eight people died in a drone attack

Eight people died in a drone attack

This Wednesday, a Russian drone hit a secondary school in kyiv and seven people died while another died after a bombing of a building in the city of Zaporizhia.

The new attacks in Ukraine come after the presidents of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, met yesterday in Moscow in a show of force of his alliance in the midst of severe tensions with the West over the war.

Twenty people were injured in the attack near the northern city of kyiv, which also reached two student residences. Regarding the attack in Zaporizhia, 25 more were injured in the bombingas reported by the Ukrainian authorities.

President, Volodimir Zelenski published a video that portrays the moment the missile hits the building of nine floors of Zaporizhia, which apparently are images that were taken by security cameras. Ukrainian media they showed charred apartments on several of the floors of the brick building, with flames coming out of some of them.

Explosion Kiev.jpg


“Russia is bombarding the city with bestial savagery”Zelensky wrote to accompany the video.

“They are shooting at the residential areas where ordinary people and children live“, he added, calling on the world to increase pressure on the Kremlin to give up its invasion of Ukraine.

For his part, Russia denied attacking residential areas although artillery and rocket attacks hit apartment buildings and civilian infrastructure frequently.

Ukrainian Air Force noted that the attack in kyiv was carried out with 21 drones of Iranian manufacture detached from the Russian Briansk region, of which 16 were intercepted by their defense batteries.

“About 20 deadly Iranian dronesmore missiles, numerous bombardments and this alone in a night of Russian terror against Ukraine,” Zelenski detailed on Twitter.

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