The dollar showed a slight rise of 0.09% but remains below $39

The dollar showed a slight rise of 0.09% but remains below $39

He dollar increased a 0.09% compared to yesterdayand stayed in the 38,979 pesosaccording to the official interbank price of the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU). In less than a week, the US currency went from touching its highest value in the last two months to plummeting to below the floor of 39 pesos: with today’s rise, however, it failed to pierce it again.

on the blackboard of Republic Bank (BROU), the dollar was offered to 37.7 pesos for purchase and 40.1 pesos for sale. On the other hand, the preferential value of the Dollar eBROU He was in 38.2 pesos for purchase and 39.6 pesos for sale.

The last operation of the day in the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (Bevsa), was agreed in 38.91 pesos, while the average price of operations was 38,979 pesos. Today the number of transactions was a total of 57with an amount of operations of almost 30 million dollars.

From the maximum price in two months to falling to the range of $38 in one week

Until last Friday, the dollar accumulated a large increase in the first 17 days of March, which reached 1.55%. However, with the falls in recent days, this variable remained in just 0.22%. The expectations that the evolution of the current month would neutralize the strong drop in January (-3.25%) were, meanwhile –and for the moment– discarded.


Among the reasons are the turbulence generated in the global financial system after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which first triggered an exchange rate rise in Latin American currencies and then generated a “fly to quality” where many of them depreciated. , and the Uruguayan peso was no exception.

With the strong rebound of last Thursday, the dollar had touched its maximum value in the last two months. The last time she was worth more was on January 16, 2023, when she reached 39.86 pesos. Of all the closings of exchange days that have occurred so far in the year, Thursday’s was the tenth highest price of the dollar.

Now, in less than five exchange days, the dollar He returned to the 38-peso range, in which I was not since February. However, she is just over 0.02 dollars away from breaking the floor of 39 pesos again.

The dollar accumulates a fall of 2.73% so far this year

This way, so far in 2023 the foreign currency accumulates a fall of 2.73%. Regarding February 22, the exchange rate showed a monthly variation negative of 0.29%. While, compared to the same day but last year -March 22, 2022-, when the exchange rate was 42,322 pesos, the interanual variation was from 7.89% negative.

Last Thursday’s rally caused this variable to fall below 7 percentage points for the first time in a number of months. However, with the evolution of the last few days, it once again exceeded that percentage.

As a counterpart, the drop in the price of a year ago, which is taken as a reference, had been falling precisely from the historical peaks that had been registered in the first months of 2022. Meanwhile, the percentage remains balanced and plummets every time the current exchange rate rises.

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