Ordensklinikum Innviertel as a guest at SV Ried

Ordensklinikum Innviertel as a guest at SV Ried
Employees of the Braunau and Ried hospitals in the Josko Arena
Image: Schröckelsberger/SV Ried

Around 180 employees from the hospitals supported the Rieder footballers in the Josko Arena. “On behalf of the Ordensklinikum Innviertel we would like to thank SV Guntamatic Ried very much for the hospitality. This exciting football evening offered our two hospitals another great opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed environment away from the job and to get to know each other better,” emphasized Margit Hollerweger and Margit Matheis, the two overall project managers for the Innviertel Order Clinic.

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