What is the window period for the Notarial Fund negotiated by the government?

What is the window period for the Notarial Fund negotiated by the government?

The government analyzes the possibility of leaving out the social security reform to the Notary Box. It was announced by the delegation of the Executive Power that attended today the special commission of the Parliament of Uruguay discussing the project. There, he reported that negotiations are being held with the authorities of that subsystem to implement a “window period”.

The delegation was headed by the Minister of Economy, lily arbelecheand the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Paul Mieres.

The novelty was confirmed to scope.com for him Colorado Party, promoter of the proposal. The solution implemented by the government would have some modifications with respect to the initiative of the traditional party, from where they affirmed that this Thursday “there could be news of the agreement.”

What is known about the “window period” that the government is analyzing for the case of the Notarial Fund

The idea of ​​the “window period” had already been anticipated at the end of February by the Colorado representative conrado rodriguez in an interview with this medium. “There are some situations that we have to see if they should have a special contemplation, for example the Notarial Fund,” he said at the time.

As explained by Rodríguez, “the Notarial Fund has shown to have good last steps and expertise, and that implied him to currently have a surplus”. Along these lines, he continued: “Taking this situation into account, which is very different from the one experienced by the Caja Bancaria and the Caja de Profesionales Universitarios, which are in a very worrying situation, it would be good to create a window period to see how it continues to function. the Notary Box”.

Strictly speaking, the “programmatic norm” of the Colorado legislator raised a five year term “to decide whether or not to include it in the convergence regime of this bill.” After that period, a special commission would analyze the financial situation of the Box and, upon completion, in 2028the destination of the subsystem would be defined.

Although the Executive power took the idea, confirmed that would only admit a window period of three years, and not five. The response of the authorities of the Notarial Fund to the government’s offer still remains, something that could be known this Thursday. Other extra modifications are not ruled out either.

Other changes in the pension reform project

The delegation of the Executive Power also mentioned other modifications in other points of the project. For example, they confirmed that the widows Those between 40 and 45 years of age who have maintained a relationship of more than one year – and more than two years for those up to 40 years of age – will be treated as part of the pension system.

In addition, the delegation promised to consider the claims of the Down Association of Uruguay for people with these conditions, who do not have the possibility of retiring due to their characteristics and life expectancy. The group’s proposal had been that the minimum retirement age was 50 years, and the minimum contribution was 15 years.

The minimum number of years of residence for immigrants between 65 and 70 years of age, without resources, will also be modified. And, on the other hand, the article 78 that gave the government the power to change the retirement age according to how the variation in life expectancy evolvessomething unconstitutional according to the colorados.

Finally, the Executive promised to address one of the claims of Open Town Hall (CA)linked to the authorization of the AFAP to invest funds abroad. In this sense, they anticipated that “greater guarantees” will be given.

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