For Boric, the idea of ​​a single currency for the region is naive and willful

For Boric, the idea of ​​a single currency for the region is naive and willful

The president of Chile denied that the implementation of a single currency could help “per se” the integration of Latin America.

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The Chilean President, Gabriel Boric, argued this Friday that the road to integration is very long and “To think that the single currency of Latin America is going to make us integrate, it seems to me that it is at least naive and voluntaristic.”

During his participation in the Ibero-American Youth Summit, which takes place in the Dominican Republic, he recalled Europe’s experience in reaching the euronoting that they spent 50 years of community work to achieve that goal.

“In order to reach the euro, it took nearly 50 years of integration, starting with the Coal and Steel Community between France, Germany and England and then progressively advancing towards European integration,” Boric said.

“We have a long way to go before in integration before thinking about a single currency. It seems to me that initiatives such as the bi-oceanic canal that is being carried out between Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile are tremendously important”he mentioned.

Also, he indicated, “to resume the work of the Pacific Alliance, or that we can have a joint vision regarding the importance of democracy and unrestricted respect for human rights, regardless of the political color of who governs.”

“When we manage to move further in that direction, we can perhaps have discussions about a single currency, but it seems to me that it is too early to think about something of these characteristics and there is a lot to advance in integration prior to that,” he postulated.

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