Lots of cigarette butts in the tree troughs in Linz

Lots of cigarette butts in the tree troughs in Linz
Many obviously confuse the tree troughs with garbage cans.
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It’s time for the “spring cleaning” in downtown Linz – in addition to public green spaces, parks and playgrounds, the focus is also on public traffic areas. During a focus campaign, the employees of the city green and road maintenance department recently targeted the 47 tree troughs in downtown Linz. These can be found on the main square in Linz, among other places.

During the cleaning process, the heavy soiling – including cigarette butts in particular – was removed. The amount of work required per cleaning cycle is around four to five hours.

Participation campaign “Linz cleans up”

Climate Councilor Eva Schobesberger (Greens) takes the opportunity to thank the employees and at the same time to appeal to the citizens to use the green spaces considerately. Everyone is asked to dispose of the garbage in the containers provided or to take it back with them.

Anyone who would like to actively contribute to a cleaner cityscape can do so with the hands-on campaign “Linz makes clean”. Participants collect carelessly thrown away rubbish along streets, streams and public green spaces and dispose of it professionally.

Participants can also look forward to potential prizes in the form of Linzer City vouchers or Linz AG spa tickets. Prizes are awarded in the categories of individual, family, educational institution (school, kindergarten, etc.) and group. A jury will decide on the most diligent or most original collectors by June 15, and the award ceremony is on June 29. More information about the campaign can be found here.

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