Asylum quarters in Linz: Linz’s mayor sharply criticizes the police director

Asylum quarters in Linz: Linz’s mayor sharply criticizes the police director
Up to 300 refugees are to be accommodated in the former Ibis hotel.
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The state police headquarters sees it differently: For the police in Upper Austria, the location of the Ibis Hotel for the large asylum quarters is “suitable and makes sense”. Because the necessary police infrastructure would be available there and synergies could be used, it said yesterday in a statement from the state police department.

The police also announced on Monday that they were in close contact with the BBU and that by unlocking the federal basic service facility, both the PI Immigration Police Station and the PI Bürgerstraße would be increased in terms of personnel.

Linz Mayor Klaus Luger (SP) “cannot understand” this point of view. Rather, he sees it as “anticipatory obedience on the part of the ÖVP politician Pilsl.” Luger accuses the police director of having “too little contact with his officers” in this case.

Because confidential conversations and information from the police would have strengthened Luger in his resistance to the planned mass quarters. “I find the statements made by the state police director disappointing,” says Luger.

The FPÖ is also “surprised”

“Isn’t it rather the case that the current social problems around the Linz train station make the existing police infrastructure necessary? The Upper Austrian provincial police director contradicts himself in his argument. If a mass asylum camp would be problem-free, why is there a need for an intensive police presence?” says Luger. The mayor appealed to Pilsl to “reconsider his statements and, above all, to listen to his officials”.

The FP member of parliament Michael Gruber is also surprised by the police’s point of view. “The officials on site assess the situation differently because of their daily experiences,” he says. With such a high number of asylum seekers in the station area, further conflicts are programmed.

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