Germany sent WWII-like tanks to Ukraine

Germany sent WWII-like tanks to Ukraine

the war of Russia-Ukraine conflict keep going. Armed confrontations on the different combat fronts are still open. That is why once again the European bloc came to the aid of the government of Zelenskywith the German shipment of tanks and armored vehicles, similar to those used in the Second World War (II GM).

The measure of the Chancellor’s Executive Olaf Schölz it was made official at the end of last January and has now materialized. Its about supply from Germany to Ukraine of tanks Leopard 2of Teutonic manufacture.

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Germany sent tanks in support of kyiv

The tanks were transferred to Ukraine at its border last week, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel. In parallel, the German government has not given more details about the arms aid, for security reasons.

Germany initially announced that it would deliver 14 units of these main battle tanks.in its version 2A6but then added another four to achieve the goal of amassing two Leopard2 battalions each with 31 tanks.

The authorization came after weeks of pressures on Berlin from both kyiv and Ukraine’s Western allieswhich also required German permission to deliver to that country the battle tanks available to their respective armies.

The shipment from Germany joins the UK, which also delivered heavy tanks to Ukraine. It’s all about the tanks challengerwho arrived alongside infantry fighting vehicles German Marder and American Stryker and Cougar armored vehicles.

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Western Europe vs. Russia

Parallel to beefing up the Ukrainian arsenal, Russia is sticking to its president Vladimir Putin’s plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Moscow’s ally Belarus in northern Ukraine despite criticism. Besides, kyiv also received UK Challenger tankssaid a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The head of this department, Oleksiy Reznikovpreviously said it had inspected a “new addition” to its arsenal, consisting of these tanks, German Marder infantry fighting vehicles, and American Stryker and Cougar armored vehicles.

“A year ago, no one would have thought that the support of our partners would be so strong”said Reznikov on Facebook. In Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskovsaid that Western criticism of Putin’s announcement about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus “cannot influence Russia’s plans.”

In a televised interview two days earlier, Putin said they were going to plant tactical nuclear weapons “without violating” their “international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation.”

The threat of a nuclear disaster has loomed over this conflict for a year, especially around the Ukrainian Zaporizhia power plant, controlled by the Russians since the early stages of the war.

During a visit by the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskysaid that it was not possible to guarantee security around that nuclear power plant.

“Without the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops and personnel from the Zaporizhia nuclear plant and its adjacent territory, any initiative to restore nuclear security is doomed to failure,” he said.

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