Colorful floral look for the Wels pedestrian zones

Colorful floral look for the Wels pedestrian zones
The flower balls, which were hung for the first time in 2021, will be supplemented with flower garlands this year.
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Just in time for the “Blooming Austria” trade fair, which begins on Friday, the city of Wels is also blooming again. The city gardeners put a total of 75,000 spring flowers, including many pansies, forget-me-nots, primroses, gold lacquer and tulips. The installation of the summer decorations in the Wels pedestrian zones also started on Tuesday. The flower balls, first shown in 2021, are celebrating a comeback, complemented with flower garlands that are mounted at different heights.

“We returned to the flowers because we received the most positive feedback for them,” said Mayor Andreas Rabl (FP) on Tuesday at the presentation. The artificial flowers were extremely well received by the people of Wels and the visitors because they convey spring fever.

19,000 artificial flowers

The 140 different decorative elements and a total of 19,000 artificial flowers come from the Innsbruck-based company MK Illumination, which is the world market leader with decorations and festive light displays. The spring and summer decorations are rented by the city every year and stretched across Bäckergasse and Schmidtgasse on wire ropes. The decorative elements are purchased from eww Anlagentechnik, which also installs and rents them out in other cities. “But we attach importance to the fact that the decoration is presented for the first time,” said city marketing boss Peter Jungreithmair.

The idea comes from the southern countries, which also shade the streets in the cities with decorative elements such as parasols. The aim is to create a feel-good atmosphere in the city and to increase the quality of stay, stressed Jungreithmair. The city center of Wels was already adorned with dragonflies, hearts, birds, umbrellas and balloons. It all started in the first Corona year, 2020. “When we started it, it was clear to us that this would not be a one-off thing, but that we would have to come up with something new every year at the request of the population,” said Rabl.

Burggarten even more attractive

FP Deputy Mayor Christa Raggl-Mühlberger announced some improvements for the Burggarten. The playground is being renovated and the quality of stay on the southern terrace is to be increased. The statue of Emperor Maximilian moves closer to the center from the edge. “In the Pollheimerpark, the archway to the liberation is being renovated and another glass art element is being installed,” said Raggl-Mühlberger.

In the Pollheimer Park, on the town square and in the pedestrian zone, 30 golden Easter eggs are hidden for children during Holy Week. They contain vouchers that can be redeemed in the Wels Info.

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