Amelie Wansch broke the Austrian record in Vienna

Amelie Wansch broke the Austrian record in Vienna
Amelie Wansch from Steyr set an Austrian record in trampoline jumping.
Image: Ferraro

At the 33rd Vienna Trampoline Championships, a lot went wrong for the athletes of TV Steyr 1861, but with Amelie Wansch a young woman from Steyr set the happy climax. The only 17-year-old not only won the elite female class, but also set a record. Her exercise with 9.4 difficulty points is the hardest freestyle routine ever achieved by an Austrian jumper. Wansch thus qualified for the youth World Championships in Birmingham, England, in the same way as fellow club member Finn Markovsky.

Markovsky had also shone until his final, but then had to give up due to illness despite the lead. The sisters Lieselotte and Luise Stockreiter were very unlucky. Ten-year-old Lieselotte broke two legs while warming up, and her sister decided not to start. Newcomer Lenny Wimmer had to end his freestyle early after a blackout.

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