Vöcklabruck: youth gang scrapped stolen cars

Vöcklabruck: youth gang scrapped stolen cars
Although they were already being targeted by the police, the youths continued.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Six young people between the ages of twelve and 17 are said to have committed more than 40 crimes in the Vöcklabruck district between January 23 and February 11. The teenagers – all without a driver’s license – stole cars, among other things, and were on the road in Upper Austria and Salzburg. On some of these jaunts, they also crashed the cars. The young people started from Salzburg to Upper Austria. There they searched for parked, unlocked cars and stole cash and other items from them. They also discovered car keys in some vehicles and took off. They left the cars, some of which were wrecked, somewhere. If a car was wrecked, the next one was looked out for.

Investigators had already set their sights on the youth gang, but according to the police, the under-14s are said to have “unabashedly” continued with the knowledge that they were still under criminal responsibility. Finally, one guy confessed and also gave the names of his buddies. It turned out that the gang was also active in the Gmunden district and in Salzburg – this resulted in various traces, footage from surveillance cameras and statements by the accused themselves.

Three criminally responsible youths, who were already known to the police for various crimes, were taken to the Puch-Urstein prison. The amount of damage caused by the damaged vehicles and the amount of the loot could not be quantified for the time being.

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