FoodCoop Aspach: 30 Innviertel manufacturers supply the association

FoodCoop Aspach: 30 Innviertel manufacturers supply the association
The core team of the FoodCoop “Brot & Ruam” in Aspach: Elisabeth Uttenthaler, Andreas Uttenthaler, Lisa Gufler, Regina Maringer, Anna-Maria Müller, Christian Gufler, Christine Müller and Linda Gufler
Image: Bread & Ruam

About a year ago, eight people from the Innviertel founded the first FoodCoop in the Braunau district with “Brot & Ruam”. The start took place in the former health resort in Aspach, since the beginning of March the food cooperative has been at home in the “Aspacher Marktplatzl”. In the meantime, the association is already being supplied with various products by 30 regional manufacturers from the Innviertel.

“All produced sustainably, without the use of chemicals and pesticides and with consideration for nature and the environment – that is particularly important to us,” explains founding member Regina Maringer from St. Johann am Walde. The colorful range extends from everyday groceries to luxury items and regional specialties to young plants and products made from alpaca wool.

Club members can put their boxes together online every week and pick them up in the Marktplatzl on Friday afternoon. As with all FoodCoops, membership in the association is also a prerequisite for “Brot & Ruam” in order to be able to order via the online platform. The membership fee is 20 euros per year. “A nice chat when you pick it up, regular trips to our manufacturers or joint activities also make Brot & Ruam a social meeting place,” says Maringer.

The advantage for the suppliers lies in the fact that overproduction can be avoided through the exact pre-ordering of the association members. “It feels good to know who, where and how my food is made,” says Maringer. More information at www.brotundruam.at

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