UTE will subsidize up to 80% the rates of the productive sectors

UTE will subsidize up to 80% the rates of the productive sectors

He Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) announced that after joint negotiations with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), he Executive power approved discounts of up to 80% on UTE rates for various productive sectors of national agriculture, as assistance in the context of water deficit that the country is going through.

Producers belonging to fruit and vegetable refrigerated chambers will see a discount reflected on their invoice for fifteen%, as will those of the dairy industry and irrigating producers. For their part, those who have wineries will have access to a benefit of the twenty%. The tamberos with contract of more than 15KW they will pay a twenty% less, while those who have less than 15KWa 80% less.

In addition to this measure, which integrates a battery of assistance that the Executive has arranged in recent times to alleviate the effects of the drought, producers will be allowed to have electrical connections associated with pumps, assuming their cost, to so that the water can reach places that are difficult to access due to its complex instrumentation.


UTE will start charging a new rate in April

The UTE will begin to charge a fixed rate of electricity to customers with residential, double-hour and triple-hour tariffs in Uruguay as of April 1as part of a pilot plan that had already begun to be considered in November 2022.

The state company’s board of directors approved testing the new billing modality which, according to the opinion poll, is well received by more than 60% of customers. The new option involves the payment of a fixed monthly fee for electricity consumption in homes, and will be available from April 1.

How will the new rate be charged?

According to the president of UTE, Silvia Emaldifor the determination of the fixed rate, the consumption of the last 12 months will be taken into account and, with these data, a average value. That amount will be the one that the client pays for a year, month by month.

Likewise, in the event that after the sixth month a customer increases consumption by more than one fifteen%, you will be notified and the fee will be recalculated considering the higher energy expenditure. On the other hand, if the consumption ends up being less than the estimated fee, UTE will return the difference in a single payment. If it is greater, it will be charged in 12 installments.

In this way, a residential customer will pay a fixed and personalized monthly amount. And, after a year, the client can choose to continue with the fixed rate or return to the previous one. This first phase of the plan will cover the first 50,000 customers who want to join.

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