The Broad Front issued an explosive statement against Terminal Cuenca del Plata

The Broad Front issued an explosive statement against Terminal Cuenca del Plata

The opposition party claimed that the profits from the joint venture favor Katoen Natie over the state.

Photo: Katoen Natie

He broad front (FA) issued an explosive statement on Tuesday addressed to Cuenca del Plata Terminal (tcp), where he assures that next April 21 will be two years since the signing between the government and the Belgian company Katoen Natiefor which the monopoly was handed over” of the handling of containers in the port of Montevideo “for 60 years”.

For the opposition party, during 2022, TCP won more than 20 million dollarsfavoring Katoen Natie’s coffers over those of the National Administration of Ports (ANP), which did not turn again to investment.

According to the FA, the deal “violates the constitution“since”eliminates the free competition established in the Ports Law“, something that generates” serious damages for the State and enormous benefits in favor of the Belgian company”, in addition to “serious consequences” for “industrial production, employment and the cost of living” during “the next 12 periods of government “.

The left force maintains that “The ANP approved the TCP investment plan for 455 million dollars without studying it“, as well as “a financing plan for a much larger amount —672 million dollars—, where “the State must contribute 134 million dollars.” In addition, it was denounced that “new areas of the port were delivered to the concession, even outside the agreement.”

“The signatories committed a criminal offence,” the FA said

The statement went further and indicated that the ANP has hidden information and that “a criminal complaint was filed against the government authorities that signed the agreement” with “the absolute conviction that they committed a crime“, since they understand that it is the Legislative power and not him Executive power the one who “has the power to grant monopolies”.

In turn, it was reported that “the dismantling that the ANP is suffering by this government is worrying,” and the “constant delivery of public assets to private capital in various areas of public administration.” The FA accuses the government’s actions of not being “transparent” and “arbitrary”, for which reason it will continue to “denounce it in all appropriate spheres, even international ones.”

The frontline senator, Mario Bergaraexpressed in his Twitter account that “the consequences of the handover of the port of Montevideo promoted by the government of Luis Lacalle Pou” They impacted an “increase in private profits”, a “reduction in state revenue”, and “the loss of jobs”.


Source: Ambito

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