How much do they cost and how to buy tickets for the classic

How much do they cost and how to buy tickets for the classic

There are a few days left for the uruguayan classic between Penarol and Nationalwho will face this Saturday April 1 from 16 in the stadium Champion of the Century, in Montevideo. The tickets They are already on sale from this Tuesday and these are all the prices.

Ticket prices for Peñarol fans

For the aurinegro locals, the ticket prices are among the 431 pesos for the Cataldi tribune, 531 pesos for Damien, 891 pesos for Henderson for partners and 1,131 pesos for general Henderson.

This Tuesday, the free exchange for aurinegros members was also enabled for the Cataldi and Damiani stands through the app with TCAP card –available on Play Store and App Store–. On the other hand, although they will pay general prices, at Tickantel members and adherents will have one day of exclusivity.

Thus, the exchange of boxes and seats It will be on Wednesday through the app. That same day the general sale will be enabled for the Cataldi and Damiani stands by Tickantel.

For the case of palquistas and armchairs, the exchange operation will be carried out through the app. Although the procedure can be carried out with personal and transferable cards, fans must enter the stadium with the box or seat card –as appropriate– and their identity card.

As for members, the exchange can only be done through the app and the expiration of the TCAP card will not be taken into account. Thus, they will have to enter the Champion of the Century with her and the identity card.

Will there be tickets for National visitors?

The most important game of the ninth date of the Opening Tournament had been generating a special stir due to the uncertainty of whether they could attend or not away fans to the match.

Peñarol proposed to the Ministry of the Interior the authorization of between 400 and 500 tickets for the tricolor fans, in the second tray of the Guelfi grandstand.

Confirmation of whether these tickets will exist will arrive between this Wednesday and Thursday. Ignacio Ruglio, president of Peñarol, anticipated that if confirmed, they will be worth between 800 and 900 pesos.

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