Investigations against owners of corona test company

Investigations against owners of corona test company


Judith Ziska, spokeswoman for the authority, confirmed a corresponding report from the ORF program “Zeit im Bild”. The man is accused of infidelity, document and evidence forgery. In addition, investigations are being conducted into violations of the Association Responsibility Act.

According to ORF, the investigations should be based on a statement of facts that one of the founders of Lead Horizon, Christoph Steininger, submitted to the prosecution. Steininger is no longer active in the company.

Almost a quarter of a million euros in damage

The allegation is, among other things, that the suspect took money out of the company in several cases, according to ORF, thereby damaging other owners and the company. It’s about renovation work in an office of the suspect. There is talk of damage in the amount of almost a quarter of a million euros.

The man is also said to have commissioned one of his other companies for more than 80,000 euros, although it is said that they did not have the necessary trade license. Another allegation: The suspect is said to have changed an offer from a consulting firm, according to ORF, here is also determined because of the falsification of documents and evidence.

Suspect denies allegations

According to ORF, the suspect denies all allegations and calls them “unfounded”. He speaks of internal disputes. Lead Horizon announced a statement on Wednesday evening.

The Vienna test program is a success story. The test kits were developed and manufactured by the start-up Lead Horizon, and the samples are evaluated in the Lifebrain laboratories.

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