Which garden type am I?

Which garden type am I?

Whatever you like – garden styles cannot be classified according to a precise scheme. The motto for the design: Anything that pleases is allowed. The romantic elements of a garden mix with modern structures, or a garden is suddenly enriched after a few years with completely different design ideas that no longer correspond to the original concept. The garden test can therefore only be a guide to finding your own personal garden style. Here you can check which garden is the best for you.

Add up the points – and you’ll find your own personal garden style!

30-35 points: Romantic Garden

Anyone who has ever been to England knows what makes a romantic garden: roses in lush bloom, not only in the beds, they also climb house walls, obelisks and trees. Colorful flower beds that bloom for a whole garden year and bring variety with their flowers and leaf structures. In addition, of course, the right accessories – a must is the rose arch, overgrown not only by the roses, but also by clematis and other climbing plants.

25-29 points: natural garden

The transition from the romantic garden to the natural garden is fluid, but in a natural garden there is even more room for the natural growth of the plants. The lawns become herb lawns, paths either do not exist at all or are only covered with bark mulch, and the absolute must in this garden is a near-natural biotope, in which the garden owner only very rarely intervenes

20-24 points: country house garden

Probably the most common gardens you will find – even if it’s not always country houses around which the garden is laid out. Natural swimming ponds instead of pools, granite paths – neatly paved – and the flower meadow, which is spiced up with lots of bulb flowers, from snowdrops to daffodils.

14-19 points: Modern garden

Reduction to the essentials – that is the style of modern gardens. No mix of materials, but few building materials, but used consistently. The structure also plays a major role in the plants – clear lines underline the architecture of the house. Water pools are clearly defined – either as a swimming pool (typically the infinite “infinity” pool) or as a pool for Koi & Co. The lawn areas are also to be regarded as dormant elements – which is why the perfect, short-cut “English lawn” can be found here.

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