Bad Schallerbach is dressing up and giving itself a greener coat of paint

Bad Schallerbach is dressing up and giving itself a greener coat of paint
Mayor Markus Brandlmayr (VP; from left), Tourism Chairman Manfred Stroissmüller, Deputy Mayor Barbara Beham and Josef Greinöcker, Chairman of the Merchants’ Association, presented projects for the townscape offensive yesterday.
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There is a spirit of optimism in the tourist resort of Bad Schallerbach after the difficult Corona years with a sharp drop in the number of guests and income. A townscape offensive is now starting in the 4,400-inhabitant community. There is also a focus on the expansion of biomass and PV systems in order to get out of dependence on gas and oil as quickly as possible, as well as in the area of ​​mobility.

The new spring decorations on the trees in front of the town hall and in Badstrasse are a visual sign of the fresh breeze. The decoration of the center with butterflies, parasols, bees and flowers, which were produced from organic sugar cane and come from the 3D printer, came from the Blachere company from Krenglbach.

“Large investments were made in the townscape in 2009 with the Botanica, then in 2015 in the course of the opening of the new business center and the town hall square,” says Mayor Markus Brandlmayr (VP). “Now we adjust.” The aim is more green, more nature and thus also adaptation to climate change. In the next few months, the Mooswiespark in the middle of Bad Schallerbach will be redesigned for around 150,000 euros. Planned are new paths, improvements to the pond, new benches and more flower beds. A new adventure children’s playground is also planned there, which was approved this week in the municipal council meeting. “There will be a water play area, a beaver hole to climb up and down, and a sand play area where the kids can dig for dinosaur bones,” said Deputy Mayor Barbara Beham. For the youngest residents, the wooden kindergarten is currently being expanded. After completion, a total of nine kindergarten and four toddler groups will be available.

Slow down through traffic

Last year, the market town commissioned a traffic office to analyze the traffic and parking situation, and there was also a survey of citizens, guests and entrepreneurs. “With 1,700 parking spaces, we have enough, they are used to an average of 45 percent, we have to start with through traffic, which accounts for 40 percent in the morning and in the evening, although we would have a bypass with the B137 and the Schallerbacherberg,” says Brandlmayr.

As a representative of tourism, the tourism representative and hotelier Manfred Stroissmüller was present at yesterday’s presentation of the local image offensive; he is optimistic for the coming season. “In terms of the number of overnight stays, we’re not quite where we were in 2019. Business tourism is going very well, the wellness guests don’t stay long, but they book more often a year.”

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