LASK fan congratulates blue and white on the defeat as speaker

LASK fan congratulates blue and white on the defeat as speaker
The LASK women won in Ottensheim
Image: GEPA pictures/ Manfred Binder (GEPA pictures)

April 1st is actually only today, but a LASK supporter made a joke yesterday at the game in the women’s Upper Austria league between home club Ottensheim and the women’s team of LASK (0:5). Of course at the expense of the blue and white city rivals FC Blau-Weiss Linz.

What happened? The blue and whites stumbled yesterday in the fight for promotion to the Bundesliga in the 2nd football league at bottom Young Violets (1:2) – after ten games without a win, the team of coach Gerald Scheiblehner had to accept a defeat against the last one again .

That LASK fan should have triggered great glee, which he absolutely wanted to share with other sports field visitors, because: Suddenly the loudspeakers on the Ottensheim plant came out: “We would like to congratulate FC Blau-Weiss Linz on their defeat and the associated non-promotion.” Addendum: “With this you can buy cheap tickets for the unfinished Donaupark stadium.”

“It is a disaster”

A gag that is not well received, especially by blue and white fans. And the hosting club Ottensheim is also rather angry about the announcement. “It was actually a great evening with almost 300 fans at the facility. It’s a catastrophe because we as a club now have to pay for it,” says Ottensheim’s deputy section head Moritz Böker.

As it turned out, the announcement was not made by the actual speaker. Böker: “The area where the announcer is is relatively easy to access. Our announcer has just left his seat, and a very drunk LASK fan must have taken advantage of this opportunity. He must have meant it in a funny way. At Blau-Weiss Linz we can only sorry, even if we can’t do much about it ourselves.”

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