They assure that King Emeritus Juan Carlos has a fourth daughter

They assure that King Emeritus Juan Carlos has a fourth daughter

Juan Carlos I, currently in exile, would have had an extramarital daughter, after the 3 he had with Sofía. The hidden daughter knew it and she hid it.


The emeritus king of Spain Juan Carlos I has a secret daughter named Alexandrafruit of an affair with a “aristocrat”who was born after his 3 children with the queen Sofiaaccording to a book.

According to this investigation, after the infanta Helen (1963)the infant Christina (1965) and the now king Philip VI (1968), Juan Carlos I he had a fourth daughter from an extramarital affair with an aristocrat “slightly older than him”.

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Accused.  Juan Carlos I is 84 years old.

Accused. Juan Carlos I is 84 years old.

This fourth heiress came into the world in the late 70s, early 80s, according to reports, and is called Alexandrais married, has a child and has never claimed any type of succession right.

Furthermore, it is held that Alexandra “He grew up ignorant of who his father really was” but when he found out, “he chose to continue to act as if the news had never reached his ears.”

The book that will be published at the beginning of May in Spain, titled “King Corp. The untold empire of Juan Carlos I”written by José María Olmo and David Fernándezand ensures the existence of this descendant.

Although the book advances on the financial management of Juan Carlos I and the immense fortune that he managed to amass and hide for years in tax havens, the investigation also led to this supposed secret daughter of the emeritus, who since the summer of 2020 has lived in an agreed exile with his son Felipe VIin Abu Dhabi.

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