BBC president resigns amid Boris Johnson loan scandal

BBC president resigns amid Boris Johnson loan scandal

Richard Sharp will remain in his position on an interim basis until his resignation becomes effective in June.


He Chairman of the British public broadcaster BBCRichard Sharp, submitted his resignation todayafter it became known that he helped the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnsonto get a 800,000 pound loan before he took over.

A conduct report on Sharp specifically disclosed two conflicts of interest: first, that he informed Johnson that he wanted the position before officially presenting his candidacy in November 2020 and, secondly, that he introduced the Canadian millionaire Sam Blyth to the then Cabinet Secretary of the Government, Simon Case, to “help (a Johnson) on your personal finances.

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I would like to apologize for this slip up, however inadvertent, and for the distraction it caused.“Sharp declared in an interview with the company itself. BBC. As for the loan, he reiterated that he acted in “good faith” and reminded the cabinet secretary of the appointment rules at all times.

The british public broadcasting board For his part, in an official statement, he confirmed that accepted Sharp’s resignation, whom they describe in any case as a “person of integrity” who fulfilled the functions of his mandate, as supervisor of the media and guarantor of his independence.

Was a real bbc advocate and its mission, and why this corporation is a priceless asset for the country, both inside and outside its borders“, he added.

The BBC is the public radio serviceUK television and internet, funded mainly through a television tax paid by those who own a TV receiver in the country, as well as a parliamentary grant administered by the British Foreign Office.

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