A fake Boris Johnson was arrested for driving while intoxicated

A fake Boris Johnson was arrested for driving while intoxicated

Dutch police said Monday they were surprised after arresting a man who was driving drunk over the weekend and who had a driver’s license. forged drive under the name “Boris Johnson”.

The fake Ukrainian document, “issued” in 2019 and valid until the end of the year 3000, included the name, photo and date of birth of the former British prime minister.

The document was found during an investigation into an accident that took place shortly after midnight on Sunday, when a car crashed into a pole in the northern city of Groningen.

“Inside, the police found a fake driver’s license belonging to Boris Johnson,” spokesman Thijs Damstra told AFP.

“Unfortunately for this person, we didn’t fall for it,” the Groningen police joked on their Instagram account.

The vehicle was abandoned, but police quickly found the man near the crash site, who was unable to identify himself and refused to take a breathalyzer test.

The 35-year-old man, actually a native of Zuidhorn, west of Groningen, was arrested. Police were unable to determine where the fake license was made.

But Kysia Hekster, a journalist for the Dutch public broadcaster NOS and a former correspondent in Russia, said in a tweet shared by the outlet that driver’s licenses can be easily bought in tourist shops in Ukraine.

“As far as I know, the real Boris Johnson was not in the Netherlands at the time,” Damstra added.

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